Last week we returned to BBC Voices to continue with our project in making short videos on what the Wellbeing Service is providing and how we can help people.

It was great to be back and because we had received the filming training earlier this month we were able to get started with filming straight away. This time we interviewed some of our service users who had offered to share their stories of how ‘Peer Support’ had helped them in their journey through the service and why they would recommend Peer Support to others.

I was very moved to hear their stories and it was encouraging to understand how ‘Peer Support’ along with clinical interventions had helped them make the changes they needed to start to feel better.

After filming we returned to the BBC to begin editing our videos. This is no short task and is longest part of the process in making these short videos. BBC Voices were very brilliant at explaining the training for editing software to us and we were able to start to produce the videos on Peer Support.

Look out for the videos coming soon to our website and YouTube channel

"I could not have coped with my situation without the help I received. An understanding helpful ear with advice on how to move forward. An amazing service."