Some of the Wellbeing team have been working on a project to produce short videos on what the Wellbeing service is providing and how it can help people. We were able to take part in some BBC Voices (based at Norwich Forum) film training; the films that we created during this training will soon appear on our Website and social media.

We arrived at the BBC in the Forum in Norwich excited to learn about filming and editing. BBC Voices is a media workshop and production unit for film, music and radio. The team provides film making and radio editing workshops and sessions to individuals, groups, businesses, schools and colleges throughout the Eastern region.

It was great to be inside the BBC having viewed it so many times from outside windows within the Forum. We worked with Wendy and Gary, they made us feel very welcome and at ease and provided us with a 2 hour workshop on operating recording equipment and some tips on interviewing techniques.

After the workshop we were let loose in Norwich to go and start our films. Our first project was to film our Peer Support Workers who support our Service Users using their own lived experience of anxiety and depression. We wanted to capture the ‘Peer Support ‘role in what they do, what inspired them and what they love about their roles. They all did exceptionally well answering all the questions fully and giving their own experiences.

After filming we watch the films that we had created, we were all really pleased with the content and had a few giggles with some of the edits that will need to be made. We all had a great day and highly recommend the training to anyone interested in film making.

Next week we will be back at the BBC filming our service users so that they can provide their valuable  input from their experience of receiving support from a Peer Support Worker and how it has helped them. Editing will then begin to merge all of our content into some short films; I can’t wait to see the finished product!

"Wellbeing were very kind. They listened to my problem, and have helped me to overcome some of my fears, so I am now able to actually leave my house and go in a shop. Their help has been amazing and I thank them very much as I now have a new life thanks to them."