For the Wellbeing Service, ‘wellbeing’ means feeling able to cope with the challenges life can throw at us.
Stress can be caused by all kinds of issues – exam pressure, unemployment, relationship problems or substance misuse. And sometimes being in a new, unfamiliar environment, or feeling homesick, can challenge our ability to feel well.
Different people have different experiences and mental or emotional health needs which can be influenced by their different ethnic, religious, cultural and/or sexual background.
The Wellbeing Minority Support is the place to look for help if you feel you want to improve your wellbeing but are facing obstacles like:
• Being new to the country and not knowing how things work here
• Your first language is not English and you find accessing information difficult
• You feel discriminated against for whatever reason

What we offer to members of minority groups:

Regular drop-in sessions at our centre in Holland Court and other venues in Norwich
Anyone wanting to go to a drop-in session can just walk in. There is no need to book. The sessions are friendly and relaxed. They are run by a member of staff and it is an opportunity to find out more about the Wellbeing Service and other groups and activities available in Norwich.
Please note: the drop-in sessions are NOT run by a therapist or counsellor and will NOT include assessments

Individual information and guidance sessions
These are sessions by appointment where you can explore in more depth any wellbeing problems and receive guidance, advice and emotional support and take further steps within the Wellbeing Service

Social and creative activities
Creativity is good for our wellbeing! These sessions are designed to bring small groups people together and stimulate, calm and encourage socialising through simple activities such as:

• Beading
• Papercraft
• Mindful colouring
• Creating a motivational board
• Chi Gong
• Eating for better Mood
• Henna tattooing
• Self-hand massage
• Reading in a group

Workshops on Wellbeing
Educational sessions designed to help participants understand more in-depth problems relating to mental health and how to make changes to improve wellbeing. Subjects may include avoidance, doing more with your time, overcoming worries, anger and panic or feeling nervous and anxious.
All sessions are free and interpreters can be made available on request.

How to Contact Us
The easiest way to get involved is to receive our bi-monthly
newsletter. Contact Paola by email at:
Telephone: 07717 426603

When you first have contact with the team we will explain our confidentiality agreement with you. We will not share any of your information with anyone without your consent. However, there are some rare exceptions to this. If we feel that you are a danger to yourself or anyone around you, or that you are in danger from someone else, we have a duty of care to share this information with the relevant person.