What is Wellbeing in the Workplace?

Wellbeing in the Workplace is a FREE service for businesses in Norfolk & Suffolk. The service can help you as an employer to support your workers through stress, emotional challenges, and poor mental health by offering support to combat stress, anxiety and low mood problems, and build resilience.

Our experienced advisors can come to your workplace at a time to suit you, and deliver one-off workshops to your staff.

These workshops include psycho-education on the causes of stress, techniques to manage it, and information on further help that our Wellbeing services can offer, for those who might feel a need for further support.

Why is wellbeing at work so essential?

Stress is now the major cause of long term sickness absence, while those suffering with stress and remaining at work are more likely to encounter problems such as:

  • Conflicts with colleagues
  • Struggling to concentrate or to juggle tasks
  • Taking longer to complete their work
  • Being less patient with customers

*Chartered Institute of Personnel & Development

By supporting the positive mental health of your staff you are more likely to retain essential skills, knowledge and experience of your valued employees.

And, perhaps equally importantly, they will know that your organisation is a place which values and understands their needs better, which is good for positive staff engagement and staff retention.

The facts speak for themselves:

  • Poor mental health among its workforce costs employers £30 billion per year in the UK through lost production, sickness absence and recruitment (ACAS)
  • After taking six months’ sickness absence, only 50% of employees return to work
  • After one year’s absence sickness absence the return to work figure reduces to just 25%

Employers are also required to co-operate with laws that protect employees. Health and Safety laws ensure that workers have a safe environment in which to work, where risks to health and wellbeing are considered and dealt with efficiently.

Wellbeing in the Workplace is an essential component towards demonstrating that as an employer you are meeting your legal obligation to provide a safe and health workplace and to support your staff through their health problems.

How can we help your organisation?

Whether the root of the problem is within the workplace, at home or elsewhere, stress can lead to deteriorating mental health and sickness absence, or even “presenteeism” where your staff are attending work but are less productive.

By helping your staff to become more resilient to stresses and challenges we are helping your organisation function well.

How can Wellbeing in the Workplace help you as an employee?

Wellbeing in the Workplace can teach you skills to manage your stress and build resilience. ‘Resilience’ is the ability to withstand stress and adversity, so by increasing it we become more able to cope with demands during difficult times.

Whether your stress is being caused within the workplace, within your home life or elsewhere, or a combination of all of these, you can learn skills to respond differently in order to feel better.

How do you book our services as an employer?

Please contact a member of our administration team to book your Wellbeing in the Workplace session:

Norfolk & Suffolk
Email: communications.wellbeing@nsft.nhs.uk


How can you encourage your employer interested in Wellbeing in the Workplace?

If you would like your employer to book a Wellbeing in the Workplace session, please speak to your manager, occupational health service or human resources (HR) department and ask them to contact us on the numbers above.

Alternatively, you can get in touch to request us to send you or your employer our leaflet.