Keeping it confidential

All of our support is free and confidential. When you register you will be asked how you’d prefer us to stay in touch with you.

When we call you, our service number will show as a private or unlisted number to further protect your privacy. It is important that you answer so that we can arrange your appointment.

Please also be aware that at times we may need to leave a voice message on the telephone number/s you have given us – if you do not want us to leave a message please let us know.

Your GP will be informed of your contact with the service, and details of your treatment including content of sessions may be shared with them where this is appropriate. If you have any questions about this please discuss it with us. Information about you and your treatment will be recorded either on files which are kept secure.

In exceptional circumstances, if we believe you or someone else is at risk of harm, we may need to break confidentiality and act on this. This is very rare and is to protect you and others.