Managing experiences like depression, anxiety and stress can leave you feeling isolated and unsure of yourself. Talking to a counsellor or therapist and learning new skills for coping can be very helpful, but some people may also benefit from the opportunity to engage with their community or take on new responsibilities. This can also help you to stay connected to the Wellbeing service.

A large part of recovery can be about making changes and trying something new but for some people this can feel intimidating. In our Norfolk & Waveney service we have been able to develop a supportive ‘social model’ to enhance our therapeutic services.

In Suffolk, the Wellbeing team will be happy to help you find social groups and activities that may be both beneficial and enjoyable to you. Contact us on: 0300 123 1781.


Although the recovery process can feel challenging and uncomfortable, many people enjoy learning more about how we think and feel and about mental health in general. The Wellbeing service offers regular workshops on a range of topics relating to mental and emotional health for people living in Norfolk & Waveney. These workshops are open to everyone – you do not have to be accessing any other Wellbeing services and you are welcome to bring family and friends.

If there is a particular subject within mental health that you would like to know more about, talk to your Local Associate Coordinator about arranging a workshop.

Peer Support Workers (Norfolk & Waveney)

Peer Support Workers are paid members of staff who have joined the service because of their own experiences with mental health. They are able to share what they have learned and help you to find the support that is right for you.

Peer Support Workers provide assistance at our therapeutic workshops, one-to-one sessions and telephone appointments. Full training, supervision and support are built into the job to make sure everyone’s wellbeing is taken care of.

If you are passionate about mental health, recovery and wellbeing, have relevant life experience and would like to support others, then contact Wellbeing Norfolk & Waveney on 01603 421504 or to find out more.

Take a look at our Peer Support Work video’s for more info!


Every month, we organise two-hour ‘social’ events for people living in Norfolk & Waveney to help you meet new people in a warm, supportive environment.

The focus is not on mental health – these are social events and anyone is welcome to attend. We often invite a speaker who is running an activity, opportunity or event, giving you the chance to meet them and maybe sign up to something new.

See details of the next social event in Norfolk & Waveney

Please watch our video below for more information on our socials!


Ambassadors (Norfolk & Waveney)

People who have benefited from the support of the Wellbeing service have a valuable role to play in helping others and promoting the service. For people in Norfolk & Waveney who wish to become more involved, there are a number of important voluntary opportunities, called Ambassadors: Experts by Experience, Navigators, and Community Champions. If you apply to become an Ambassador, the Local Associate Coordinator (LAC) will carefully consider your suitability for the role. If selected, you will receive training, supervision and access to mentoring networks.

Becoming an Ambassador can be highly rewarding and help you to manage your own wellbeing. If you are interested in becoming an Ambassador or would like to know more, contact Wellbeing Norfolk & Waveney on 01603 421504 or

Experts by Experience (Norfolk & Waveney)
People who wish to share their experiences of emotional distress and recovery are trained and empowered to communicate their experience in a positive way, in order to support people accessing the service.

The insights provided by our Experts by Experience provide an important contribution to the continued development of the Wellbeing service.

Experts by Experience also work with local businesses and other organisations to advocate wellbeing and awareness of mental health issues. They encourage people to access the Wellbeing service and promote other mental health initiatives.

Find out more about becoming an Expert by Experience here.

Navigators (Norfolk & Waveney)
Navigators help people understand what services are available to them and what they can expect. Navigators provide support to people throughout their wellbeing journey – whether they are new to the service, or have accessed support before but are looking for further help.

Navigators have a close working relationship with their local GP practice and clinician in the Wellbeing team.

Find out more about becoming a Navigator here.

Community Champions (Norfolk & Waveney)
Community Champions are active in their local community and are representatives of the service. Using their expert local knowledge, they are able to share information between the service and the community. Our Champions help people using the service to gain information about opportunities in their local area; and support people in the community to find out about what the Wellbeing team have to offer.

Find out more about becoming a Community Champion here.